Tiny & Tip Caught GET IT IN!



My boy Tip has got in some serious trouble AGAIN, but this time with prison officials this weekend. The guards caught him getting a hand job from his wife during visitation.  Tiny confirmed that they were in a room together during regular visiting hours at the prison. 
According to prison guidelines, inmates are only able to kiss and hug at the visitations and hold hands, but “the inmate’s hands must remain in plain view of “Visiting Room” staff at all times.” Which it was not on this day. Why they hating on this man? Let him get his.

Tiny has said that Tip was immediately snatched up and sent to a  “Special Housing Unit”, which is more security and less freedom.  Damn Tip! Once again you gotta suffer the consequences. Damn homie I hope you are ok.

Tiny says she hasn’t spoken to Tip since the incident, but hopes she’ll be allowed to visit again soon, this time she will keep her hands to herself.



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