Tiny’s New Single #WTFYGD Hits Number 1 R&B/Soul for iTunes in Less than 24 Hours!


The home girl Tiny’s new hit single is number 1 for R&B/Soul for iTunes. The public has spoken and we all LOVE Tiny and glad to see she’s making hot new music under her Pretty Hustle label.
Check out the details below.

Tameka Tiny Harris took to Instagram to thank her fans for helping her hot new single ‘What the F You Gon Do?” land in the number 1 spot for iTunes R&B/Soul. We have been waiting patiently for Tiny’s return to music and her heart-felt women’s anthem seems to be the right song at the right time. Tiny shared the following message on Instagram,


It has not been a full 24 hours and Tiny is number 1. We are loving the single and we all screaming “WHAT YOU GON DO?”

Check out the videos below:

Check out the Clean Version of WTFYGD below:

Check out the Adult Version of WTFYGD below:

We see you TINY! Congrats on working YOUR PRETTY HUSTLE!

Have you downloaded #WTFYGD?


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