Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Emotional Breakdown Over Son’s Autism {Video}


When Tisha Campbell-Martin found out her nine year old son Xen (pictured above) had autism it was devastating. Now, years after the diagnoses, the actress and mother of two has dedicated herself to spreading awareness about the disorder in the African-American community. In the documentary titled “Colored My Mind” Tisha, along with four other mothers-Tammy McCrary, Shannon Nash, LaDonna Hughley and Donna Hunter- recount the difficulties of having a child with autism and their optimism about the future.

In the trailer below, Tisha relives her emotional breakdown:


  1. Tisha, I have admired your work from the show of Martin and have watched your career. You have made good choices in the work that you choose to do, and this project is no exception. Great Job. As a star, you are able to project positive images and messages to the world and you have risen to the task.. I am proud of you. We are about the same age… well to be honest, I think I am older than you but my mind is sure young. I am 47 with a 3 year old beautiful little girl who has sensory processing disorder, and is on the spectrum. Yep… I choose to have a child later in life, and have a 17year old son.. gifted rising senior who is doing well for himself. My daughter, Trinity is a blessing to myself and husband, With every effort I have I am trying to get help for her and researching all that I can .. I know if I get the early intervention her turnaround will be positive. I am doing Floortime, hippotherapy and OT.. I want to get ABA therapy for behavior because I heard that is the most effective but in Georgia they do not cover it under medical insurance. What a shame to know there is treatment to help a child.. but unable to get it covered. The costs are killing me but I know it will be worth it.. I will not give up and commend you and Duane for your efforts in bringing your son out from the fog. I found when I got the milk out of her diet, it seems like she improved and was more able to have conversation, although she still has echo and repeats things alot. I am interested in the 40 intensive treatment you did with your son.. Can you let me know and congratulations on making this more public especially in the African- American community. I am going to keep up this battle.. it is hard to be a control freak and not be able to control this.. but if you have any tips on how to remain strong and get the help I know I need for my daughter I would appreciate you sharing them. God Bless.

  2. I remember when you were pregnant with Xen I didn’t know Tisha. I had met you then such a beautiful woman you are. My son is getting more test next week to see if he is autistic. I am very supportive in Shawn and Sharonda Stockman’s nonprofit Micah’ Voice their son Micah. The website is in construction micahsvoice.org. They participated in the walk Sat. 4/21/12..very successful. I’m reaching out to Tammy. Reaching out to you. Thank you for all you do and helping folks be aware! Are you on twitter of fb. Please reach out on my email. Thank you.

  3. Hi

    very Interesting. But sadly it’s a form I’m not familar with. I’m just an Asperger, but somehow the best of all of them. But I have the luck to be mixed from so many old influences – what at that time was seen as witch people – that I have curing powers. But my Asperger stuff was before I knew what I can do. I just had it in some phases. Once I was very aware of everything where such a phase started, and I found out that something is wrong with me. I also had phases of somehow robot like things – especially after not getting this movie with the UFO and this silver robot – but being very impressed. Of course they bothered me and all with a remake. Anyway, I analysed the situation and found out, that I can change it in my head. Some books call it Psychokybernetik. It was luckily long before being 12, so it became an automatic thing. To understand it, it is like running a compiler in debugging mode.

    They used some stuff about me in this Bruce Willis movie without my permission. Better don’t!

    I thought I could help, because he was only 9, but it is years later know so it is too late.

    Tisha knows me, from watching her on TV. And I mean WATCHING. But maybe she just sees me as a horny guy :-). This is the other thing I learned to do (not being horny – I mean something different, like the doorscene in Poltergeist). And it’s really funny – except this Roseanne Barr Arnold – where actually I made him become aware that he likes her. Later she noticed that and became very angry and kicked him. I better never meet her. I mention this because she made him the bad guy, where he was actually affraid of her at a point.

    After this sad thing and actually an accident where Shangyne warned her friend, I even more may not help more than with some comments – being noticed, read, or just deleted. And I’m still angry with Bruce Willis and also with Calista Flockhart and maker. This is very personal stuff and this has to be respected!



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