Tisha Campbell’s Sister Tiara Had A Baby By Diamond Blue from Pretty Ricky?



Our homies over at Gossiponthis.com say that Tisha Campbell‘s 21-year-old sister Tiara got pregnant by Diamond aka “Baby Blue” from Pretty Ricky back in August 2009. And now, only 5 months later, she was forced to give birth to the baby because of a medical condition called “preeclampsia” causing the baby to be born premature.

GossipOnThis.com has exclusively learned that actress Tisha Campbell-Martin’s sister (and allegedly Diamond Blue from Pretty Ricky’s baby mama) Tiara gave birth to a baby girl Sunday night (Jan 24), about 4 months shy of her original due date. Her sister Toya reached out to us and gave us all of the details, saying that stress caused Tiara to develop a condition related to high blood pressure, which forced doctors to go in and take the baby out in order to save both her and the baby.

“While we were on a plane Sunday on our way to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Tiara had a headache and was very dizzy, so I felt her head and she had a fever,” Toya Campbell (another one of Tisha’s sisters) told Gossip On This exclusively. “So as soon as we got to LAX airport, Tiara was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said her temperature was 103.5 degrees and her blood pressure was really high,” she continued. “The doctor said they had to take the baby out right then because they both were at risk of dying.”



  1. Wow that’s not a good luck because that is from stress both she and the baby could have died .I had my daughter @ 27 weeks because of preeclampsia. I hope she and the baby are ok.

  2. Hppe all is well with her. Don’t stress about some “wanna be sexy” LOSER. He is such a bamma, OMG, look at the pic. Is that suppose to be sexy, lls. If he the baby’s daddy, DNA will prove.

  3. I hope that everything is well with her and especially with her new baby girl. Preeclampsia is no joke. I myself had to go through it with my son thinking it was all associated to my other medical condition fibromyalgia…thought it was just a bad migraine not realizing that when I thought i was falling asleep and waking up not knowing what happen i was passing out having seizures. My son ended up being born at 32 weeks. thank god he didnt need to be put on machines like most babies. But on another note…i wish she would have chosen a better person to b her daughters father. I am from miami and I know myself that no one from pretty has any business producing kids with anyone. I am gonna pray for her because she needs it


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