TLC Announces Kickstarter-Funded Fifth Album, Tour with NKOTB and Nelly!




The iconic girl group TLC has officially announced that it will record its fifth and final album but will do so with the help of their fans.

Here are the details…

Legendary girl group TLC announced Monday that it will record and release their fifth album and is lobbying for fan financial support via a Kickstarter campaign. On the description for the campaign, the pair says that “this final album will be the first studio album by the two of us. Of course, Lisa’s [referring to deceased member Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes] spirit will always be present in our music. That will never change.”

Because of TLC’s global reach, popularity, and the numerous awards received and accomplishments by them over the years (multiple Grammys, 65 million records sold worldwide, etc., etc.), there are some who have questioned why such a huge group would go this particular route in order to record an album. The group somewhat addresses this in the campaign write-up:

“While major labels offer artists multimillion-dollar recording and marketing budgets, they don’t often give artists complete control of their own music. It is ESSENTIAL that we create our final album completely on our own terms, without any restrictions, with YOU.”

Now there may have been some eyebrow raising at this announcement, but apparently, this idea has garnered a large amount of support already. Currently, the donations are already over $105,000 with a goal of $150,000 just two days after the campaign was launched. The deadline to fund the campaign is February 19 and at this rate, TLC will reach and may go over their goal amount!

In addition to the campaign, TLC also announced on Good Morning America that they would be touring the United States this summer with early 1990s boy band sensations New Kids on The Block and hip-hop heavyweight and entrepreneur Nelly. Furthermore, Mark Wahlberg, one of the members of NKOTB, pledged $10,000 to TLC’s Kickstarter on-air at GMA saying that the only stipulation is that TLC will have to a duet with NKOTB.

The tickets for ‘The Main Event’ Tour will go on sale January 31 via Ticketmaster with advanced tickets (for American Express card holders) available January 23. The tour is scheduled to start May 1 in Las Vegas and ending in Buffalo, New York in July.

What do you think about TLC’s Kickstarter campaign? Have you or will you donate to it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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