Toni Braxton May Have Changed Her Mind In Posing For Playboy


Not to long ago Toni Braxton appeared on Wendy Williams, and she addressed the rumor of Toni posing for Playboy. Although on Wendy Williams she asked the audience as well as Wendy herself if she should do it. Wendy and the audience both suggested that she not do it and told her she was to classy and above posing for Playboy. However Toni took to her twitter a couple days ago and implied that the offer is still on the table and she is still entertaining the offer.

Personally as a friend to Toni, you know I’m her “Suga Lips” and all I think she should DO IT! Yes, I said do it! Toni looks amazing and beautiful at her age and if she wants to do a tasteful spread for Playboy I certainly support her. So leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


  1. #Sit your old ass dwn sumwhere MisS.JUS BE A MAN ABOUT IT SMH TONI U SHUD BE ASHAMED OF URSELF #TSK #TSK

  2. I think Toni should DO the Playboy layout. I’ve seen Playboy layouts and they are always tastefully done. I think Toni has a good head on her shoulders, good sense of moral values, and a great body. I don’t think Toni would let them publish any photos that were not tasteful and classy. Personally, I think Toni has the greatest pair of legs I’ve seen in a very long time! Go for it girl!


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