‘Tonight Show’ Host Jimmy Fallon Makes the Hot 100 with ‘Ew!’


Jimmy Fallon & Will.I.Am

A little over a week ago, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with will.i.am for “EW!” Thanks to his fans, the new single is a HIT and has entered the Billboard 100 at number 26!

Check out the details below!

It’s official! Jimmy Fallon’s duet with music producer and rapper Will.i.am simply titled “Ew!” enters the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 26! On October 6, Fallon premiered the song during his “Tonight Show” and requested the support of his audience and at-home viewers to make the song chart.

“Ew!” is something of a spinoff of Fallon’s “Tonight Show” 15-year-old female character who sports pigtails, colored braces, and is completely embarrassed by her stepfather Gary (EW!). Performed by Fallon’s alter ego “Sara” and will.i.am’s aptly named alter ego “mir.i.am,” “Ew!” celebrates all the things your average teenager can think of that would make them run screaming EW! in disgust!

When Fallon discovered that his goal of placing on the Hot 100 chart was achieved as a result of all the fan support, he was ecstatic and according to Billboard said, “You don’t understand how exciting this is for me. I have to print this out and frame this. I’m going to run around and tell everyone in my office, and people are just going to go nuts right now.”

Check out “EW!” below:

Personally, I love this new single and I am happy for its success. What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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