Toya & Memphitz Wedding Party Photos

Yesterday Antonia “Toya” Carter became Mrs. Wright wife of Mickey “Memphitz” Wright. The private ceremony held here in Atlanta was attended by family and close friends. Good friends Lauren London, Kandi Burruss, Nivea, Monica, and Tamar Braxton where just a few of the Celebrities that attended yesterday’s nuptials.

Toya’s wedding was tapped by BET as footage for her reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” that’s why their are no pictures from the ceremony and only pictures from the reception. Everyone tweeted from Toya’s daughter Reginae to my girl Monica.

Reginae tweeted: tweeted: Omg …. I’m sooo happy for my mommy!!

Monica tweeted: @antoniacarter u looked simply stunning. No words…. Beyond Beautiful.

Lil Wayne tweeted: Hat’s off to Toya and Memphis,best wishes.

Tiny tweeted: Had a wonderful time @ my lil sis @antoniacarter big day! Her & @memphitz looked Amazing! I love them & wish all the best..Happy Fathers Day

Singer Kelly Price sang as Toya walked down the aisle. There was no drama at the wedding, everything was beautiful and it went off without a hitch.

Congrats to Memph & Toya! I wish you both the best!


22 responses to “Toya & Memphitz Wedding Party Photos”

  1. c says:

    what do you mean the police do the utmost? i like her but she could have killed someone. that was a stupid move that she did.

  2. Anonymous1 says:

    I agree. How are the cops doing the utmost when she was driving drunk let alone with a child in the car??????

  3. Shelia says:

    I agree with C & Anonymous why do we defend people when they are in the wrong? She broke the law by driving drunk! On top of that she had a small child in the car! WTH If you were drunk you aint that much of a celeb anymore to where you could ask 4 a ride! The Police did they job! THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT.COM IN MY STRONGEST TAMAR VOICE

  4. Shelia says:

    O yeah & congrats 2 my girl Toya u looked beautiful!

  5. Sumayyah says:

    You have to be kidding. She is driving drunk with a baby in the car crashes could’ve killed herself the kid or some innocent sober driver on the road and you make the most ignorant comment of the day.con. It is obvious you have never been affected by someone drunk driving. Let sun hope you never are as I’m sure you would be very upset if the news and police were on the side of drunk driver. Please get it together Nivea and does she have any real friends who let’s someone drunk leave and drive with a kid at that SMH. One things is obvious her child support money may be able to buy he cops job but it sure hasn’t bought her any brains!!!

  6. hk says:

    I can’t even f*ck with this blog anymore. The fact that you consistently have horrible grammar and spelling are one thing but to be talking about:

    “We still got your back Nivea, we know how it is when you go out to have a good time. The po-po just be doing the utmost at time. Stay cool boo!”

    Ew!!! This whole blog gives a bad name to entire black race. I’m ashamed I ever associated with this ghetto trash. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!

  7. TT says:

    She was depressed it wasn’t her and Lil Wayne’s wedding. She has 4 kids and wreckless, she should be a shamed of her self. Grow up Niva you just lost respect points for this one.

  8. larashearn hill says:

    I have no words!

  9. nunny says:

    Dam Tamar braxton all the way to the right look HO-RRI-BLE! sweetheart ease up on the cosmetic surgery dam!

  10. skippy says:


  11. BUFFY says:


  12. kim says:


  13. Doll says:

    Toya you deserve the Best and you have it with Menphiz

  14. jamya says:

    omg im sooooo beyond proud of u ive been watching ur shows sicne u and tiny show i luv u very much im about to start reading ur book hav a happy marrige u hav a good one luv jamya reeves

  15. Please people says:

    Tamar look tired cooking all that food for her fat ass husband lol…. Nivea just trifling damn

  16. Ashley Miller says:

    The wedding was so beauiful Toya. Congrat to you & Memphitz on your life together and many more to come. May God be with you & your Husband. Can’t wait till you come out with the next season.

  17. eryn says:

    hey i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats

  18. eryn says:

    my mama sed memphiz is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol but shr married

  19. eryn says:

    my mama sed memphiz is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol but she married

  20. Prudence says:

    Tamar is NOT shown in the above photo!

  21. tiera says:

    i love that sparkly dress toya

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