Toya n Memphitz on The Cover of Sister 2 Sister




My homie Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Carter is coming up ! My girl is on the February Cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine with her hubby to be Memphitz . She telling everything about her new book, store in the NO and new BET Reality Show. Memphitz is gonna dish out how he got past Toya’s defenses and what him and Wayne talked about. She doin it big yall, all her dreams are comin true!

Her new reality show be on BET and starts in April

Make sure you get a copy of Sister 2 Sister to see the lovely and sexy Toya.
She got big things poppin!. Watch out now!


  1. I am soooooooo HAPPY for Toya!!! Congrats!!!!! on your upcoming show, new store & marriage. I wish you well. You two look very happy together. Can’t wait for my book to come in the mail.


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