Toya Wright and Memphitz Celebrates Beyonce Birthday at Pearl Bistro


Last night it went down in the ATL, as we celebrated radio personality / producer of the Ricky Smiley Show, “Beyonce’s” birthday. Beyonce invited all her celeb friends to come out and support her big day.

In  the building was the lovely Toya Wright, and Memphitz, the 2 was all booed up and loving life. Toya is getting ready to reveal some shocking news, very, very, soon. Love them black power couples…

Also in the building was my Big Sis, one of Atlanta top radio personalities  Mizz Shyneka GetMMMM!!! POW!@#$%^&*

The club was jam packed and was field with people who came out to have a good time. Let me make this clear also so people know, cause some of my blogger friends threw the club under the bus last week which was so un-cool. The club is more of a lounge where you eat, drink, Play pool and have a great time … Its not on no boosie SH*t!!! people in the ATL go here when they want to have a great time, or pull a bad Bit*h like BET’s Rocsi before she made it big, that love’s to get it in.

Also in the build was my Lil Bro Montana Da Mac, — Montana is currently in the studio working on a new mixtape.

One of the south most underrated felmale aritst who’s about to do her thang, Mac Breezy, was also in the building. Breezy who was the love of Gucci Mane’s life came out to support and have a good time.  (SHOCKING PHOTOS COMING SOON)

Just so yall know my nigg* J Nix was also in the building to support Beyonce on her big day. Radio personality / Artist J Nix A.K.A. Stuey Rock just got a major deal. Stuey is currently touring and about to release new music any day now until then you can here him everyday at 6pm on Hot 107.9. Check out one of biggest club bangers in ATL that get’s that BOOTY Going …. LOL

Mykko Montana was also in the building…

Big Shout out to my boi Shanod Johnson … He always throws the best parties!!!

Radio Personality Emperor Searcy was one of the host for the night…


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