Toya Wright Calls Lil’ Wayne’s Relationship With Christina Milian A ‘HOT MESS!’



The big homie Toya Wright chimed in on what she thinks about Lil’ Wayne’s alleged relationship with Christina Milian. She made it very clear that she thinks this couple is a “HOT MESS!”

Check out the details below!

Toya Wright has opened up about how she feels about her ex-hubby Lil’ Wayne’s alleged relationship with singer/actress Christina Milian. She called them a “HOT MESS,” and honestly, who can blame her?

It truly is a tricky love affair. Milian has a daughter with The-Dream, who is also the father of Nivea’s children. Lastly, Nivea’s youngest child is with Wayne! See where it becomes complicated?

Check out everything she had to say:

Wright is NOT the only one who does not see the point in this “relationship.” Both Nivea and The-Dream have spoke out on how they think it is just too much! What are your thoughts about the alleged relationship? Comment below!


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