Photos-Toyota Green Initiative’s “Green Eats and Dope Beats” dinner in Atlanta at TreeSound Studios

*(L to R): Toyota Multicultural Brand Director, Mia Phillips, with the Toyota Green Initiative coalition members, Mali Hunter, Stic of Dead Prez, Rob Veggies, and Yoli Ouiya at the “Green Eats and Dope Beats” dinner in Atlanta at TreeSound Studios. The dinner is part of Toyota’s African-American sustainability program, Toyota Green Initiative, which celebrates the sustainable movement in African-American communities across the country.* 
With the renowned studio, guests were also treated to a private performance by Stic of Dead Prez. This event was sponsored by Toyota
Stic of Dead Prez 
Casual dinner conversation was threaded with information about sustainable living/sponsored by the Toyota Green Initiative’s brand ambassadors who sat amongst the 60+ invited guests. Shout out to Mali Hunter for always looking out for team Freddyo and for always putting on the best events where it’s always informative and enjoyable.  Take a look at some pics courtesy of Briana Crudup



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