TPain, Brooke Valentine , Eric Bellinger , Stacy Barthe and more Bare it All Last Night at #MalibuNights inside of 17 Lounge Hollywood


Super star TPain closed the night with singing his hits for a very anxious audience. #MalibuNights Presented by Hollywood “IT” Girl Miss Diddy and Grammy Award winning writer/artist Eric Bellinger was nothing short of amazing last night.

The audience chanted “Love & Hip Hops” break out star Brooke Valentine , who is no new comer to the stage nor the microphone. Brooke sang SWV “Love Will Be right here”, right before melodically transitioning into Chris Brown “She Ain’t You”. Before leaving the stage Brooke Valentine sends a special thank you up to TPain “TPain Bought Me a Drink Y’all” who bought a parade of bottles just to have sent to her table.

Eric Bellinger, as familiar as E’s new hit show “Platinum Life” star LaMyia Good husband , started off the night with his beautiful vocals , as Major Songstress Stacy “Saint Barthe” Barthe took the stage and sang a very emotional version of Mary j Blige “Be Happy”. The crowd went wild for TPain created his own rendition of “Can’t Believe It” which had the crowd singing every word line for line.

Photo Cred: @MauriceWillPhotos
PR: @MissDiddyLA @TheBrandGroupLA


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