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Traxx Girls Host A Day Party At Club Opera For Atlanta Black Pride Weekend!


Traxx Girls host a day party at Club Opera for Atlanta Black Pride Weekend! The beautiful Erica Mena and Dice stopped by and got the crowd hyped!

Check out the details below!

The Traxx Girls hosted a day party at the infamous Club Opera for this year’s Atlanta Black Pride! It was BANANAS in there! So many came out to celebrate with the Traxx Girls, some even recognizable faces. The homie Dice and her beautiful girlfriend, and Erica Mena stopped by to show their of the event!

Women could pay for lap dances from the gorgeous dancers or even get on the pole, which was located in the middle of Opera! The women also had the opportunity to take photos with Mena and Dice. Everyone was dancing, drinking, and being merry!

If you did not get a chance to partake in the festivities from Atlanta Black Pride, then do not stress because FreddyO’s team was on the scene taking ALL of the photos! Check out the photos by our very own Briana Crudup!

Check out the photos below:

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