Trayvon Martin’s Mother & Father is Heart Broken + Celebrity Reactions


CNN is reporting that Trayvon Martin’s father says his heart is broken and the nation is in OUTRAGE about George Zimmerman being found NOT GUILTY! The Martin family decided not to attend the final portion of the hearing on Saturday night. A jury of six women acquitted George Zimmerman in the death of son, Trayvon Martin.

Check out what the Martins had to say and the reactions of some of our favorite celebrities after the break!

Trayvon Martin with his father Tracy Martin in an undated photo

Tracy Martin, took to Twitter after George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY for a series of posts.

“God blessed Me & Sybrina with Tray and even in his death I know my baby proud of the FIGHT we along with all of you put up for him GOD BLESS,” Tracy Martin wrote in the first of three tweets sent about 30 minutes after the not guilty decision was read in the Sanford, Florida, court room.
Martin thanked all of the family’s supporters and the people who will join them to “make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Martin closed by saying:

“Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY.”

Later, the mother, Sybrina Fulton, sent out a message that offered thanks to God who she said she leans on for support.

“Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you,” she said. “You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!!! In the name of Jesus!!!”


The world is screaming and posting their outrage about this case. Check out what our celebrities had to say below:



One response to “Trayvon Martin’s Mother & Father is Heart Broken + Celebrity Reactions”

  1. wow says:

    This goes to show you that black life is not valued at all… it all initiated on black on black crime … when other races see us killing each other at such an astronomical rate… they feel as if they are entitled too… we as black America must learn how to embrace and love another instead of just killing each other off because of senseless and reckless murders…. Soon we will be extinct if we keep up at this rate…… If you notice other nationalities do kill each other but not like African American do … we can afford this because we already make up 13 % of America which is such as small number and we die or get murdered each day as if we are worthless flies…. The change first have to start with us BLACK AMERICA we must re unite like in slavery days as they work together in the field and song songs to encourage and uplift one another… this new generation has totally disregarded what we have come from and we have such a longer way to go to get things in order. I am totally disgusted at the ruling that Zimmerman receive because it was unjust and Justice was not prevail that day with that being said… what goes around come back around and it always shows up double fold….. I still failed to understand how they appointed all white jurors to the case and one Hispanic which George is form of a white man and Hispanic mother…. To me it all was a gimmick when they deliberated in the room for 16 hours and then wanted to in acquired more information on manslaughter it was all a joke to seem as if they were working hard.… they have it premeditated what they wanted…. I hope the Jurors cant sleep and Zimmerman because this is coldblooded … as many ethnicities Florida is made up of they was able to formulated only a all white jury… But we must also relive George father is a retired judge whom have a lot of clot in the Florida law and judge industry so I feel that play a huge… part but Justice took a day off on the day Zimmerman was acquitted for killing an armed teenage who decided to go get a nightly treat just to feed himself…. Because of this ruling I have a whole new outlook for white people and Hispanics which I know is not right but this is my feelings…. I hate we live in such apparent world were racism exist blatantly and black children lives are taking continuously taking because of the hate of people hearts. #PrayingfortheTravyonMartinFamily GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST!!

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