Trees For Days: Wake & Bake Tour Pt. 2 With Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa….tell me who smoke more blunts than a little bit? In this video,Wiz receives a shipment of some of the best smoke in Cali. He literally received a tree, and can smoke for months off this supply. Well, the way he burns, may days. Then they sampled that bad boy…and add a little extra something on top. I’m not sure what it was…(“amber ice”?)but clearly they were super duper high.


  1. That dude smoke crazy weed.. I cant even smoke a whole j without zoning out. I admit im a lightweight, and im glad I am. Im suprised these dudes never went through a psychosis gettin that damn high! Shouts out to Khalifa tho

  2. Why does this guy brag and boast about how much reefer he smokes??..
    Is this supposed to be impressive or some shit?..
    Pick up a book and put the blunt down fool!


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