Trey Songz Album Release After Party



Trey Songz had an album signing at Best Buy and thousands of his biggest supporters (young and old) showed up, nearly shutting down the highway. I must say my homie, Trey Songz’ brings out some of the best rappers in the game. Trey’s closest friends came out to show love and support at his Album release after party at Ludacris‘ restaurant Straits. supporters such as Ludacris and T.I. were in the building. His new album just dropped, it is a great collection of vibes. You all know it is about to get cold and you need something to listen to when you are all boo’ed up! Go grab a copy or two and support our homie.


This has to be one of the best pictures of Tip and Tiny I have ever took…. Here are all the pic’s

– Another post by Courtney L.


  1. A real wife would have never had her husband driving around in Hollywood on probation with drugs. You stay in your Four Seasons hotel room for that FOOL!!!! I feel really bad that T.I. was back on the right track, but his stupid ego and old ass ride or die chick have no brains. DAMN!!!!

  2. Where are the rest of the pics I saw some pics last week were it looked like Tiny got tipsy and Tip had to force her out of Trey S. party, FreedyO what dId you do wth them how much did they pay you to get rid of them? lmao ( just wondering) still laughing.


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