Trey Songz Gets In Fight With R&B Singer Joe



Whoever follow the homie Trey Songz on Twitter ( @SongzYuuup ) knows that he celebrated his birthday on many different occasions. But at his party held at Lounge 501 he ran into some altercations. talked to with some peps that were there, here is what they said…

R&B singer Joe was in the building, BUT he wasn’t a booked act. The club did their best to accommodate him, seating him in the same section that was Trey Songz. When Trey Songz arrived everything appeared to be fine and dandy, but that soon changed.

No one wanted to do the awkward “you have to move because this is Trey’s section” talk with Joe, and sources say Trigga (Trey for you slow ones) and his folks were “side-eyeing” Joe and his people, and they didn’t like that too much, and that’s when things got a little hectic.

Joe’s people decided to get buck with Trey’s folks and little tussle began. Sources say by the look of things Joe’s old ass and his people were not very victorious in the matter. As they were being escorted out the club by Trey’s security, they looked like some sad ass puppies. So at the end of the day Trey and his folks enjoyed the rest of the night and went home without a scratch on them, but as for Joe and his folks, I bet they won’t try to jump buck again. Here are some of the pic’s…


  1. y r they fighting over VIP….ppl stare 4 a minute and then they move on…idky evrybdy thnks that VIP means n e thing….SMH


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