Trina Hospitalized After Passing Out at Florida Airport


My homie Trina was hospitalized early Monday morning after passing out at the airport in Florida.

Check out the details below.

The baddest chick Trina is recupoerating in a Florida hospital after passing out at the airport. According to reports she was diagnosed with “dehydration and overexertion.” It’s hard being a hardworking person. Always on the go and especially when you are feeling under the weather. According to TMZ Trina has been battling some sort of bug and the travel was just too much. According to the reports as soon as she stepped off the plane she collasped.

They rushed Trina to the hospital where she’s now getting some help. Let’s keep our home girl in our thoughts and prayers.

Have you ever experienced deyhdration or exhaustion?

Tell us about it by leaving a comment below.

Story via TMZ.


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