Trina Releasing New Fragrance Cosmetics Line “Amazin” In June



Trina will be expanding into the world of cosmetics next month. The Miami rapper will be launching her Amazin’ Cosmetics line in June. The line will feature Amazin’ Lip Wear, Amazin’ Eyelashes, and the fragrances Diamond Doll and Diamond Princess. Trina also plans to release the scent Pink Diamond this fall. The emcee discussed her beauty line telling, quote, “With Amazin’ Cosmetics, I wanted to create a brand for today’s young woman that’s stylish and sexy yet affordable and accessible.” Trina has teamed up with Wyclef Jean’s sister, Melky, to raise money for Haiti relief. A portion of the sales from Amazin’ Cosmetics will go to Jean’s Carma Foundation.
Trina says she’s happy to be helping a worthwhile cause adding, quote, “I always strive to help various communities, especially with organizations that help children and young teenagers and the Carma Foundation is remarkable in their efforts to assist orphans affected by Haiti’s’ earthquake.”



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