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Trinidad and Tobago goverment spent over $800,000 on Nicki Minaj

The Trindad and Tobago government spent over $869,000 on the Nicki Minaj concert, which launched the “Localise It” initiative on October 30. Roberts said so during a news conference which, he said, was called to clarify the ministry’s role in the event and to “come clearer and cleaner” on the issue. Roberts gave a breakdown of the ministry’s funding of the show which included: local advertising – $150,000; venue infrastructure – $75,000; local fashion show – $60,000; local culture (moko jumbies etc) – $26,000; COTT fees – $32,383; local artistes fees – $40,000; Hilton Trinidad – $60,343; and, Nicki Minaj (her entourage and agent fees) – $382,000. Wow they spent alot on Nicki! Do you think she is worth this? Do you think they should have spent this amount during hard times? Follow your girl on Twitter IamCourtneyLuvIf you think this is a lie check my source and thanks to

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