Troubled Mel Gibson Moving To Australia After Selling His U.S. Mansions Amid Tape Scandal



It has been reported that Mel Gibson has sold his New York mansion for 16 million (10 million less than asking price), and his Malibu home sold for 10 million, in an attempt to get away from the U.S. ridicule he is enduring according to property reports (July 19). Gibson, 54, is ready to contest the allegations of Oksana Grigorieva, 40, who claims he punched her and hurt their baby, Lucia, in a drunken rage in January.

He has told friends that he will move back to Australia – where he grew up after moving from America when he was 12 – with his ex-wife Robyn, who still supports him.

A source close to the family said: ‘Oksana’s allegations have united Mel and Robyn and this move is her idea.



  1. Dawm good idea by Mels ex being a star in america has its ups and downs the down is everybody is in your business there are too many nosey busy bodies in america. I’m sure Mel will have a lot of time to clear his head in Australia. Mel its all based off jelousy

  2. I really hope he didn’t do the things they said he did. The “pack of niggers” comment was bad enough. I don’t think he is racist tho. I think he said something racist. There is a difference. Black people say cracker, honkey, and countless other things about white people. Me too…I’ve said it a couple times but I’m not racist. I dunno….but Mel Gibson is on some other shit.

  3. For real are you kidding me? Chris Brown hits Rhianna and the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD turned against him. This dude hit her while holding their baby, broke her teeth and threatened to KILL HER?…. And ya’ll have the nerve to say…GOOD IDEA THAT HE MOVES?…..I HOPE HE DID”NT SAY RACIST STUFF?….WTF? I’m speechless………….


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