Twin Tamera Mowry gets Married Over The Weekend


Tamera Mowry star of Sister Sister got married earlier today to longtime boyfriend Adam Housley in Napa Valley. The wedding attended by 300 hundred guests was the wedding of her dreams. “I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding with lots of flowers,” Mowry tells PEOPLE Magazine of the day planned by event planner Mindy Weiss. “I feel so lucky to have this beautiful day marrying my best friend.” She went on to say “I feel so blessed to be marrying such an amazing man.”

The newlyweds had a mid-sized wedding party with 8 bridesmaids including her sister Tia as Matron of Honor and 8 groomsman who wore chucks with their tuxes. For the first dance, the newlyweds danced to Journey’s “Faithfully” then surprising their guest with a performance from no other than LL Cool J. Congrats to the Newlyweds Tia & Tamera have been working on a new reality series Take 2 which will debut on the Style Network this summer.


  1. they both look amazing, but which one is the b ride? i’m assuming the one with diamond sequence around her waist.

  2. @shaaa you are right, but that wasnt on her wedding day, that was from a movie they made called “Double Wedding” the other one’s belly is alot bigger now since she’s pregnant.

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