Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele Are Engaged


I have to say i am kinda lost for words after reading on MediaTakeOut that Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry is engaged and is getting married. Just so yall know Gelila Bekele and I had a lot of common friends…. LOL HUmmmmm? Can you say story!!!!

Here’s what MTO had to say about the engagement:

Ladies and gents . . . the most eligible BLACK bachelor in Hollywood, Tyler Perry is about to be OFF THE MARKET

According to an IMPECCABLY CREDIBLE SNITCH, Tyler “girlfriend” model Gelila Bekele told friends in New York on Monday that she and Tyler are talking about getting married.

According to one of Gelila’s pals, the couple have already looked at rings, and are scouting locations for the nuptials.

So what about . . . TYLER BEING GAY (allegedly), you ask. Well according to ANOTHER Hollywood insider, Tyler is looking to repair his image amongst Black folks. He believes that recent criticism among Black actors and writers, is impacting the ticket sales on his latest moves. And that, at least part of the criticism levied against him, is rooted in homophobia.

So that as part of an upcoming PR campaign, Tyler is planning to “remove all doubt among [his tv and movie] viewers, that he is a heterosexual man.”

Wow . . . in 2011 . . . SERIOUSLY???

What yall think is are they?


  1. If u look at her body language u see no togetherness or love so why would she get married to him well in hollywood or the world money and power talk. there is something sneaky and shady about tyler Perry i am a big fan of all his movies and will continued to watch but he is sooooo Gay.

  2. I don’t believe it, especially if it came out on MTO.

    Why are her toes hanging out her shoes like that though?

  3. They have been together for a while so I do believe it. I don’t think he cares about people thinking he’s gay. More young black men need to be more respectful of women, dating one at a time, in long term relationships instead of running around with whoever, whenever.

  4. They are definitely engaged and have been for a while, but I don’t think they are in love. This is a come up for both of them. Her, financially and him, well we all know the gay rumors.

  5. I am so very happy for my facebook, twitter, and other sites friend ,Tyler Perry. I am one of Tyler’s biggest fans. I love him and wish them well. God bless you and your friend Gelila Bekele. Stay bless-up!!

  6. I am one of Tyler’s biggest fan and I so don’t tink he’s gay…
    He’s gone thru a lot in his childhood doesn’t make him gay..
    And if he truly is engaged to gelila beleke…congrats u to..
    Wish u both d best….gelila b sure f cute kids.*winks*

  7. All of you immature girls and just plain haters out there – Mr Perry had endured (barely) an horrendous childhood – he can’t even look at a picture of himself as a little boy without sobbing – the memories are so vivid and obviously very painful.

    He is single for a reason, and it has to do with his inner demons that he is trying so hard to let go. Oprah was molested several times as a young girl – and nobody called her a ‘gay’ person.

    COMPASSION, people!!

    The man seriously needs prayer and lifting up to the Father, not you idiots who just want others to read what you wrote.

    If the relationship doesn’t work out, it means nothing about his HETEROsexuality.

    What I WANT TO KNOW is, how come the famous Auntie around the corner never turned the bastard Emmitt Perry in for abuse?!!!! He’s still alive!

    Nanette Ward
    – also a sufferer of molestation, and working through being a headcase.

  8. This is fake, seriously guys look at the body language..I don’t even see- any sign of closeness let alone L♥√ع. For two people that ya’ll claim has been dating for years now. Is that how a boyfriend and girlfriend look like? Standing together yet both look so far away from each other. They aint dating.anyway, going by the same so called media, I read they broke up already. And am like, whatever!! They were not together in the first place. I like Tyler perry I hope he’ll make the right choice for a wife! Am sick and tired of these crazy hollywood 3months marriages and then boom! Divorce..

  9. LMAO carmel is sooo funny with the toes sticking outa shoes comment.. Omg. That’s hillarious

  10. rich black men are so dumb. they can’t see a golddigger if she had the name embossed on her forehead. But I ain’t mad at her…hey! She came up! Have a baby or two girl and then ur set for life and you can even divorce him later.

    By the way rich men…make a note of this…if the woman didn’t come in with you from the bottom, she ain’t really with you. She just want the money. Make a note of it!! We win you over every time with affection and a$$.

  11. @laila-alim.. Girl, I don’t quite agree with some of your comments e.g 1:reach black men are dumb”..really? Now that’s harsh cos they are not. 2:if a woman didn’t come in with you from the bottom then she aint really with you, she is just there for the money” really?..no offense but that’s very backward in thinking.most rich guys had some real crazy girlfriends in the past that when they look back,they just thank God they got out of it alive and in one piece, even tyler will never go back to any of his ex, cos one was so crazy he had to file a restraining order against her and she was really stalking her! So are you saying that any woman he might meet now and fall in L♥√ع with(p.s:he is very single as we speak,not dating anyone) would not love-him but she’ll just be there for his money? No no no girl! You’re wrong lol

  12. Wow! This post is from Dec 11, 2011. Again .. 2011. I almost got sucked in but I especially loved the part where this article states “she and Tyler are talking about getting married.” It’s now 2013 & there’s no ring on that finger. I hope she’s moved on. 🙁

  13. wow these bitches talking shit at least she is a sister if it was another race u all would b climbing the clouds n chairing. so why when its a sister she must b a gold digger are u disscribing yourself. the girl makes her own money. thats why most of us cant get anywhere in life caz of comments like those haters writing shit. b happy u two n live a great life, also to those who think hes gay well live it up tyler caz those who says it its becaz they r too. much luv to u tyler n b happy.

  14. its so boring how immature ppl can be, how do u see ppl who are not in love. when ppl are in love they are the ones to know and when they are not they are also the ones to know, since when do u know their hearts and how they feel. just give them a breathing space so they can celebrate their engagement.

  15. Let Tyler be a rich queen please do not pressure her. She has enough money and should find herself a good man

  16. I would never call Tyler gay unless he came out on national tv and said it; however, if he is gay then that is his business. We as black people need to stop judging one another. For I too have been in the shoes of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. My passed is very much painful but I have gotten passed it by the help of out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tyler I will continue to pray your strength to keep your head up and be the husband and father someday that you can ever be. Congrats…..

  17. Why do he have to be gay if he didn’t tell y’all he is gay then he not and if he is engaged I am happy for him but I hope it’s want he and and hope he is happy because he deserve to be happy and have a family…I love Tyler perry

  18. I dont know what is true about what people say now days, all I know is I believe in Tyler and I always will.

  19. I will not judge Tyler because I have not walked in his shoes. I will rejoice with him, because he has turned around his pain and everyday he does his best to up lift others. There was a time I was down and I listened to the words in his plays/movies and I felt lifted. Let us focus on what matters


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