Tyler Perry Donates $100,000 to Booker T. Washington High Band Program



The big homie Tyler Perry is very busy but he makes time to give back. Check out the generosity that Tyler Perry bestowed to the students of Washington High during the Ryan Cameron Morning Show on Atlanta’s V-103.

Check out the details below.

The big homie Tyler Perry visited the Ryan King yesterday morning and dropped 100 STACKS on Booker T. Washington High School Band Program. Dressed in a comfortable jogging suit with $9.00 in cash he gave a generous donation to student Nzinga Hendricks and the rest of the band. Do you know that Washington High is going to be SO FRESH & SO CLEAN in their new uniforms. I can’t wait to see them do their thang in those new uniforms. Being a spiritual person nothing is by coincidence. Nzinga was visiting the big homie Ryan Cameron and the rest of the morning show discussing the need for new uniforms. The students had raised almost $1,500 in three days and told the morning show that they needed help. Tyler was listening to them discuss their need and decided to be a blessing with $100,000. Check out the amazing gesture below:

Video –

After announcing his donation Tyler Perry said the following in his Madea voice,

“Now I’m broke, y’all leave me alone!”

Tyler Perry is making moves including the live DVD taping of his stage play “Tyler Perry’s Madea And The Neighbors From Hell” at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. The play is HILARIOUS; Madea deals with some insane neighbors that are truly full of hell that includes actress Cassie Davis and gospel singer Wess Morgan.

Big shout out to my friends over at the People Station V-103 for being the vehicle to help TP make a difference.

Pictures and story via V-103.


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