Tyra Banks Goes All Natural + Enrolls at Harvard



So this what is former supermodel turned TV talk show host Tyra Banks has been doing with her time. Banks is now a new student and going all natural with no makeup. She sent us some pic’s and what she had to say about her new look here’s:

I’m stripped down and baring all on this weeks’ cover! I know you’re used to seeing me with a beat face, but this week I wanted to keep it simple. Wearing minimal makeup and no high-fashion fussy clothes, I went all-natural to remind you that natural is beautiful. It’s always fun to dress up, do your hair and beat your face BUT you don’t have to go all out every single day. There are lots of days that I go without make up (and sometimes wish I could go without clothes too!!).

As the holidays approach, I think it’s important to remember that it’s the simple things in life that we should be thankful for. When you strip things down it’s the little things that really matter!

OK!!! Sure… Click below to see all the other pic’s


Banks is also enrolled in an executive education class at Harvard Business School specifically for entrepreneurs. Banks has turned her successful modeling career into a $90 million brand with the creation of her entertainment company, Bankable Productions. Chick Here  To See All The Pic’s

The Southern California native graduated from high school in 1991 before relocating to Paris to become a runway model. Banks, 37, and a Daytime Emmy award winner and author, has also signed with Random House to publish three novels this year. In addition, she produces The CW’s “America’s Next Top Model,” ABC’s “True Beauty” and her daytime talk show. To show that she’s got school fever, she tweeted pictures of herself wearing a Harvard Business School sweatshirt to bed.


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