Tyra Banks Says Shes Trying To Get Pregnant!!!!



Tyra Banks says she’s trying to get pregnant and have a baby with her Banker Boyfriend. She would like to have a baby along with a huge empire and from the looks of it its going to happen. When asked about babies she said:

“I definitely want babies,” she told CNN’s Piers Morgan on his show Thursday.

When asked if it will happen soon, Banks replied, “Yeah.” Morgan then pressed her on the subject, asking, “Are you trying to have a baby?” Banks responded, “Yeah, maybe.”

The “America’s Next Top Model” star, currently dating businessman John Utendahl, also dismissed a suggestion she would get married before having children, adding, “I don’t think it’s necessarily necessary.”

During her “Piers Morgan Tonight” appearance, Tyra also told Piers he’s “like a black man” because he prefers thick women.

Here the videos…



  1. She talks to much, this is why John Singleton and the other guys that she’s dated dumped her, she’s full of herself, just like Kim K. attention seekers, Yuck !

  2. OK, Tyra. You have officially lost the privilege of giving advice to all these young girls that you pretend to mentor. Are you teaching them that marriage has no merit and they should have illegitimate babies. GREAT!

  3. Hi Tyra
    I am a South African girl who is dying to me with you one
    day,you so cool and sound and look down to earth person
    I wish you good luck on wanting to have a babies. But believe me
    Its a big jog.I hope my dream of meeting you will come through
    one day.You are my Inspiration and I love you so much.

    Warm regards

  4. You aren’t getting any younger Tyra. Hopefully it’s not too late for you. More power to you. I am 23 recently married and pregnant with my first. I haven’t achieved all that you have sometimes, I wish I waited but I guess it’s better now than later. We really didn’t have to try too hard, it just happened lol. To the person above who is talking about marriage….she is an adult, and its the parents responsibility to be the example for the child not the media. That’s the issue with children today we leave it is the media’s hands to raise our children when these people are just here for entertainment.


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