Uh Oh! The King is Back!


TI I'm Back

T.I. is back! As a matter of fact, his new track is entitled “I’m Back”. Rappers better step their game up A.S.A.P. His new album will be in stores, August 24th. More on that later, but check out the new track for now. Oh yeah, this track was produced by the ATL homies, Trackslayerz.

Listen: T.I. – I’m Back

Props NahRight


  1. this song aint out yet!!. please dont be fooled…
    but if you do know where it can be heard comment freddy o

  2. LOVE THE SONG!!!!!!!!! Its easy to find. All u gotta do is get it off a site like Limewire. “Recognize I’m Back!!!”-T.I.

  3. TI what is your real name and the movie ATL you and new new were the bomb you should of got her number in real life and had babys with her in stead of tiny.


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