Union Workers Protest Against Jay-Z And His 40/40 Club


Jay-Z may be on vacay right now with his pregnant wife Beyonce over in Venice, Italy but there is all types of hell being raised here in the U.S. while he’s gone. As of now Jay-Z’s 40/40 club is being remodeled and a local union is pissed because Jigga is using non-union workers to do the remodeling. To show just how upset they are, they have put up giant inflatable rats outside of the club. Why rat inflatables? A spokesperson for the group said:

“A rat is a contractor that does not pay all of its employees the area standard wages, including either providing or making payments for family health care and pension benefits. Shame on the 40/40 CLUB & Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z for contributing to the erosion of area standards for New York City carpenters.”

Well how about that for the definition of a rat? The angry union didn’t just stop at the giant inflatable rats though. They have even resulted to using racial slurs against the workers who are doing the remodeling. Perhaps they think that using racial slurs will intimidate the workers or upset the public.

Either way, a rep for the 40/40 club has come forth to speak about the situation. They say that they are not required to hire union workers because the club is located in a non-union building. The rep also said that the workers using racial slurs is a “poor tactic”. All in all, it’s not a good look for Jay-Z. I’m interested in seeing what he has to say about all of this.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think the union workers are going to far or do you think they are right for taking the actions that they have? Do you think this makes Jay-Z look like a sleazy business man?

Spotted @TMZ


  1. If they are using racial slurs then I am going to assume that the non union workers are people if color. So my question is how many people of color are unionized workers in NY? The unemploymen rate for African America males is 19% JayZ is putting a brother to work then big ups to him. Don’t get mad because you make it hard or damn near impossible for a brother to join the union so when someone gives them a chance to work you throw shade. I heard a quote people higher people they can relate to and are comfortable being around. If African Americans have the ability to put each other to work unioned or not we should who else is gonna higher us.


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