University President Apologizes Over Wale’s Performance



Wale’s weekend performance at the University of Mary Washington has caused the school’s president to issue an apology. In a letter to Fredericksburg, Virginia’s “Free Lance-Star,” Rick Hurley says he’s sorry some people were offended by Wale’s performance. He writes, quote,

“I am sorry that a high-spirited weekend on campus ended on such a negative note for some of our closest neighbors who were offended by both the volume and the content of the music.”

Wale took the stage last Saturday night at the University of Mary Washington’s Battleground Athletic Complex. Following the show, three residents complained about the concert’s volume and Wale’s profanity. Rick Hurley says the school will now screen potential artists before allowing them to perform.


  1. WOW!!!! REALLY 3… Now University of Mary Washington see who else you going to get to perform at the school now that you have allow 3 students to make these changes


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