Update: Babyface Vs Teddy Riley (It Went Down)


The rematch happen sooner than we thought, this Monday. It was such legendary. It was hit for hit. Both super legendary iconic artist / producer brung it. 20 classics hit for hit. If you missed it catch the full live classic hit battle here. And you pick a winner.

It still took a while for the two to get it together, but they got it going. Most of the night was a tie , hit for hit, but when Babyface played records like The Deele 2 occassions, Johnny Gill My My My, Boyz 2 Men I’ll Make Love To You and Teddy Riley played records like Hi Five I like the way the kissing gameĀ  and Micheal Jackson’s Remember the time it got little crazy. Watch the full live here. Pick a winner.



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