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[Update]: T.I. & Tiny Back Together.


After taking time to think about it, the couple has decided NOT to part ways just yet. Shekinah just confirmed that unfortunately so many crazy rumors have been going out all over the internet. Shekinah’s [Tiny’s best friend] would never want her best friend to go through foolishness.

Although no juicy details have been told on why the couple decided to get back together, these rumors must be stopped. Now we all know that Shekinah is real so you can believe her word on it.

Although I was definitely told that the two were taking time apart, I was told that the two are definitely working it out in LA and on there way back to ATL for some family time.

T.I. and Tiny have gone their separate ways in years past, but they always resolved their issues and got back together for the sake of their beautiful children.

Although they were separated for a couple days around the Grammys.

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