Updated: Ambulance Report Leaked – Could Michael Jackson Have Been Saved?



Updated:  Alberto Alvarez, a personal assistant to the late King of Pop, said Dr. Conrad Woody  stopped administering CPR to Jackson in order to collect vials. Alvarez even  said that fter Jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital, Murray stated that he needed to return to the Jackson house to get cream that Jackson had. Murray said he needed to get the cream so that “the world wouldn’t find out”. I wonder what the hell that was about?  It is not looking good for Dr. Woody.  He seems to have problems telling the whole truth.

I really dont know what to think about this. The official ambulance report from the day of MJ’s death has been released, and the doc reportedly says Dr. Murray never told paramedics he administered a dose of Propofol to Michael!!!!!

Dr. Murray only told paramedics about the Lorazepam that Jackson had taken!

“This is the clearest suggestion yet that Murray misled the paramedics. Why didn’t he tell them about the Propofol? We are sick at what this report indicates,” one source close to the Jackson family has said.

Could the King of Pop have been saved by paramedics if they had known about the Propofol???? WOW


  1. damn thats fucked up…..that really aint gun help ol’ dudes case in court…at this point he hated by MANY n loved by very few…

  2. Nice blog at freddyo.com. Michael Jackson was a great pop star. I just read that the Texas Medical Board has restricted the doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death from administering the drug authorities say was responsible for killing the pop star.

  3. yeah doctor murry gave michael jackson to much drug medicine so now thanks to dr. conrad murry the king of pop is dead and gone forever no more king of pop…

  4. People say he is alive and that he faked his death, I just don’t know what to believe. I feel bad that I didn’t hear of him until after he died. 🙁


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