Usher Admits To Having “Many Women” In GQ Interview


Chart topping R&B singer Usher, who’s currently in a heated custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Raymond sat down with GQ magazine and talked about his opinion on love and relationships. Read some of his thoughts below.

“What were my issues? Well maybe not locking into one relationship! I was a little bit more… experimental. I’ve had many women. And I understand how to deal with a lot of different ones… But it is complicated when your reality is a fantasy. Fame is the modern double-edged sword.”

“So, puh-lease, in no way, shape, form or fashion should you ever put them in the same box or category. But I’ve learned what women like. Confidence. And I’ve learned there is a softness that only a woman can possess. And you begin to see it when they have something, like a child, to love.”



  1. Child Please, why would anyone want to be bothered with is “Childish Cheater”???? Trifling as usual and unsure of what he “Really” wants in a “Real Woman”….In Madea voice “Child go somewhere and Sat Down somewhere quick, fast and in a hurry……Ya heard me?????

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