Usher Loves Bisexuals & Says They Are A Man’s Best Friend



The homie MissJia is reporting Usher love’s Bisexuals. Usher’s “Lil Freak” might have caught you off guard when it debuted. According to Usher, the song is not only a great record but, TRUE when it comes to his life. Yeah,thats just one of the FEW wonderful perks of being an international superstar. Panies fall in your lap.

“I mean, I wrote about it,” Usher told MTV when asked if he gets female friends to scout and bring him other females to engage in group ‘activity’. “It happens in this day and time. Those are the best chicks to be friends with, honestly.” Wow. But Usher….if you had a daughter would you want her to read  your quote? Maybe not. Hope fully one of those ‘lil freaks’ don’t try to blackmail him on no Maury ish–you are the father. But still, that is one hell of a life…



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