Usher Opens The NBA All-Stars Game, But Has He Lost All His Swagger?


Over the weekend Usher hit the stage for the All Star Games and as I watched his performance I was left with only one question, “did Usher lose all his swagger”. I don’t know if it was the fact that I didn’t know or like the songs that he preformed, or if it was the bad lip singing, — what ever it was I hated the performance. I hope the other songs on his album are better than the one’s he did on stage. I think he is so talented and one of the best entertainers alive, but  for some strange reason been making poor song choices.

Ush let me know if you want me to come a listen to the album cause I will keep it real.

7 responses to “Usher Opens The NBA All-Stars Game, But Has He Lost All His Swagger?”

  1. keith says:

    I don’t think so, he still gonna have his fan and HATERS like sandra rose who wants to see tthe downfall of our black people!

  2. LAYLA says:

    People were commenting on his outfit, but I didn’t even notice to tell you the truth. I have always been a Usher fan, but I am sorry his performance was not on point last night. In his defense he is getting old, it may be time to retire the dance moves and opt for a bar stool to sit on for his next performance.

  3. Michael says:

    Usher needs to get some new dance moves and stop doing the same ones that he’s been doing for 10 years. He’s not a good natural dancer anyway. He has learned dance moves and steps but if you watch him closely you can see that he is not a natural dancer.

  4. dmcknight says:

    Stress Will Mess Up Your Creativity, Usher Is Still The Man 2 Me. Pray And Let God Handle The Rest.

  5. Quita says:

    Let me start off by sayn that Usher is very talented ! I think he’s made awesome comeback, when i listen to his songs i love them; however wen i see his performances its like ummmm……! I mean i think he’s on a different level than he used to be, all of that pop lockn and stuff need to be left alone! He had his time, now he’s OLDER, his audiance is older, he needs a more grown sexy swagger! He shudnt be in da same category with omarion and chris brown! He’s a Grown ass Man!

  6. keke says:

    usher looks a lil gay in that picture…..

    ( i still love usher)

  7. TonTeezy says:

    Yes Usher definitely lost his “swagger”. Because CB is on hiatus, I think he can get his crown back.

    The first song he performed is so commercial.

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