Verizon Wireless Cancels its $2 Online Charge


I heard about this and just wanted yall to know what was going on. Verizon wireless recently announced that they would charge its customers for a one-time online payments. However after pissing off millions of customers, the company has released another statement saying that the decision has been changed and customers won’t be charged.

The statement came just a day after its earlier announcement. In the statement, president and chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless, Dan Mead, said that the decision to withdraw the charge immediately came upon the customer feedback they began receiving as soon as the announcement was made.

However, the company still encourages its consumers to go for numerous simple and convenient payment options available.

The New York Times reported that the company made the statement after FCC announced that it would look into the fee as it was concerned over Verizon’s action, which raises our eyebrows making us wonder whether Verizon canceled their decision upon customer feedback or FCC’s concern.

For the record, Verizon tried to impose a fee of $3.50 for those who paid their FiOS TV or Internet bill on month-to-month basis but had to cancel that due to customer complaints.



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