Vh1 Hip Hop Honors: Tribute To Jermaine Dupri; Bow Wow, JD, And Diddy Rock The Stage


The Vh1 Hip Hop Honors displayed some of the best old school jams of the 90’s. One of the most exciting performances was Jermaine Dupri’s tribute, and he and Bow Wow performed Kriss Kross 1992 hit “Jump”. Dupri was only 18 at the time and said “they looked like a rap group”, and proceeded to groom them as such. Bow Wow performed one of his hits “Fresh As Im Izz”, and Diddy set it off with his verse on Dupris hit “Welcome to Atlanta”. All in all, they had a tight performance with some hits that made you think of childhood…depending on how old you are now. lol Check out Kriss Kross’s hit “Jump” below.


  1. i only saw half of it (the end) last night and it was whack, hopefully they’ll give it again over the weekend so i can watch cuz i think i pretty much missed the good half of it……

  2. I loveddd the part for J.D! It was only right to have BowWow perform and he killedd it of course. Watching them together again made me happy and made me realize BowWow been in the game for a long ass time!!!


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