VH1 #LHHNY Highlights Good,Bad and The Ugly – Tahiry Jose- Joe Budden- Raqi – Erica Mena- Olivia


OK first let’s talk about Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden’s Toxic Past or is it a Present Relationship? I really couldn’t tell the difference…I know if I was Kaylin I would definitely be giving Joe Budden the side eye. He’s probably the one who got Tahiry Jose the job on the show and it is looking like its just his excuse to talk to her. So we gonna start covering the GOOD, THE BAD the UGLY and the #WHATYOUTALKINBOUTWILLIS- in my late Gary Coleman voice. I can’t do this without yall help! I need comments! Ok so what will we talk about first? #THE-GOOD!  Starting with Tahiry Jose…..I love how Tahiry has always kept it real.

s it me or is Tahiry holding a L'ACIREMA Brazilian Hair Box in front of her job? In the same uniform as tonight? Do you think she is the restaurant manager?
s it me or is Tahiry holding a L’ACIREMA Brazilian Hair Box in front of her job? In the same uniform as tonight? Do you think she is the restaurant manager?

Even when her and Joe Budden were exposing their personal life on the blogs with the videos. The Good is – you know how you love someone and you break up and then you get an opportunity to be friends with them again or get some unfinished questions answered? It seems like Tahiry’s face lights up when she is around Joe Budden. Thats the good #TheShowWIllGiveHerAChanceTo Heal. So either Joe will prove to be a friend for real or their friendship will be a rap ending with Joe Budden getting his head busted down to the white meat!
#THE-BAD – The bad was the terrible job RAQI did of lieing about her and Joe Budden’s relationship. She and Joe are definitely not keeping it real. The rage and jealousy that Raqi expressed at the house definitely showed she had deep feelings for Joe. #The-UGLY- Raqi Popping off at the Mouth and then Getting The Drink Splashed in her Face- (Adding more Wet to her Wet and Wavy Hair)Get OUT and then Joe Budden Kicking her OUT- Wowwwwww!!!! and the #WHAT-U-TalkinBoutWillis – Happend When Olivia intervened between Eric Mena causing Erica to leave. How did Rich DOllaz let that happen? Dude OLIVIA is your Ex? You know that she did not want to imagine you with Erica Mena plus Erica showed her the tattoo. EricaRIchYou know she was totally jealous! Stop acting slow! Lay off the liquor so you can see clearly!


  1. yeah hot mess joey was hitting that.(raqi) um where was his girl the whole time? and umm that wasnt his house! only for t.v

  2. I still don’t understand the purpose of Olivia being on this (or last) season of LHHNY. Seems like she’s always the third wheel. Her “role” on the show wouldn’t be so irritating if she would keep her personal views to herself and focus on her career. She’s way too pretty to be so socially sloppy.


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