VH1 Love and HipHop ATL Erica Dixons Reveals “I Can’t With Momma Dee” – On Kandi Koated Nights – VIDEO


EricaDixon-cantMignon, Nikki Nicole, Kandi, The DJ AOne and Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon and her mom Mignon appeared on Kandi Koated nights 1 week after Momma Dee and Shay Johnson appeared on the same show. Erica gave insight on why she witheld her daughter from Momma Dee for the first 2 years. She also revealed she had a miscarriage before and lost the baby due to being stressed out by Scrappy’s mom Momma Dee. She was not going to let Momma Dee’s constant pleas for her baby to ** we can’t even say it… Say it isn’t so Momma Dee. Please say it’s all not true. Just watch the video and leave your comments. After watching the video do you understand Erica’s dismay with Momma Dee. Wow!!

Nikki-Kandi-AONE-ErickaWOW! That was deep

NikkiBNicole-Fadelf-MignonNikki Nicole, DJ Fadelf, Mignon (Erica’s Momma) and Kandi Burruss

DrinkOftheNightDusseeDrink of the Evening was Dussee Cognac

DJ-Aone-DusseeDJ Aone was sipping on that Cognac- maybe that’s why he was asking Kandi who made her the Sex Number God, when she invented it SMH #EpicFail

Kandi-MignonKandi always tries to be the voice of reason and look at things from Everyone’s Perspective. DJ A-One gave DJ Baby Drew the WHoreHer Award




  1. I cant stand ma ma dee with her dog face as*… I belive every word that come out of erica mouth . i can see moma dee saying some vile stuff like that if i was erica i would have spit in that man face saying some hurtful shi* like that … I dont blame you erica for not letting dog face dee to see your child if she brave enough to say that I wouldnt want my child to be around that mess either… Erica please leave lil scrappy he is still a boy and need to become a man but he is failing to do so… so just leave the lil boy…


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