Vh1’s Black Ink returns – has Dutchess been replaced or did she move on?

Dutchess of Ink -Photo Credit MUA @Stylechannel IG
Dutchess of Ink -Photo Credit MUA @Stylechannel IG

From the looks of the season 4 trailer I am expecting some pretty mind blowing changes will take place. I have all kinds of questions that I need answered. There are three new tattoo artists on the block of 125th street and where did they come from? Why is Ceasar calling his cousin Ted his 2nd man in charge; and who put him on hiring duty? This summer determined to build her own Ink Empire in North Carolina Dutchess launched the grand opening of her own shop “Pretty in Ink,” and baby let me tell you the shop looked nothing like the Harlem dungeon we been watching for 3 seasons. Will Ceasar fall apart with a long distance Dutchess

Black Ink Cast Members
Black Ink Cast “New Cast Member Melony spotted”

surpassing him in her own Tattoo shop? We already watched him fly to London to get his “better half” back once. Maybe he will move to North Carolina and work for Dutchess?

Ceasar, Walter, Ryan (Blk Ink Chicago) and Oshi#$
Ceasar, Walter, Ryan (Blk Ink Chicago) and Oshi#$

What about Puma opening his own tattoo shop down the street from Ceasar? Yes, he tried it! But wait, when did Dutchess and Donna become friends or kissing cousins?I hope all these questions get answered in the opening episode.I can’t wait to tune in on Monday, April 4 AT 9PM ET/PT and watch this crazy Black Ink Crew gang juggle relationships, family, employee rivalry all while embarking on their quests to build upon their individual success.

@teddyruks_ IG
@teddyruks_ IG

Ted has lost most of his belly and is transforming quite nicely. So is he still in love with Sky or has she moved on? The series is produced by Big Fish Entertainment and I must admit they are quite the Kings of Shade when it comes to plotting the cast against each other. I know where I will be every Monday night. Between the Black Ink Crew, Stevie J and Joseline and K. Michelle I am definitely going to be on prescription blood pressure medication before the season is over.

Check out the trailer:


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