Victoria’s Secret Reveal $2 million Dollar Bra



Picture By: Associated Press

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show kicked off in dazzling style by debuting the Fantasy Bra valued at $2 million worn by Vicky Secret model Adriana Lima. The bra has 142 carats of jewels, including 60 carats of white diamonds as well as topazes and sapphires.

Now I know breasts are precious…every man knows this. But 2 million dollars to hold mammary glands? If thats what it takes, gravity will surely be tugging on my woman in a free fall. Adriana said she feels glamorous when she wears the peice of art, that took over 1,500 hours to create the diamond studded brazierre.

The event is to be broadcast Nov. 30 on the CBS network. Check out the video below!!

By: X Bryant



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