Video: Alicia Keys Speaks On Importance of Voting In The 2012


Alicia Keys took time out to talk to the TT Torrez Show about how important it is for us to get out and VOTE.

Alicia says it is very important to vote in this year’s presidential election. She shared her political views and on what issues concern her and why she’s voting for President Barack Obama! Alicia feels that President Barack Obama is the right candidate to keep our country moving in the right direction. She emphasis’ on how you must not only register but actually get out and vote! She believes that women’s rights and education are her biggest concerns and that Obama will continue to work on these issues.

The policies that affect the middle class are important because she once was apart of the middle class and understands how it feels to not be a mega R&B singer. She said since President Obama was once apart of the middle class, he can relate and he knows what will help economic growth in America.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012: Make sure you make your voice heard and VOTE!


Source: IPowerRichmond


  1. Sorry…..But no matter what this “Homewrecker” does it doesn’t help the “Damage” that has occured….Just Sayin…..


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