VIDEO: Benzino Begs Bambi For Her ‘Shimmer’


BenzinoIn a deleted scene from this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino and Bambi have a little one on one time and Benzino asks (repeatedly!) when he’s gonna get that “shimmer.” Check out the video inside..bambi3

Thank god for the cutting room floor in post production. VH1 recently posted a few deleted scenes from Episode 13 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to their site. We’re low-key glad this one didn’t make the final cut.

lahh-deleted-bambi-freddyo-missjaye2Benzino drops by Bambi’s recording session to talk about their new relationship. Even though it’s still odd for us to see them together, Bambi admits she’s a little drawn to Zino. But the conversation goes way left when he asks Bambi when he’s gonna get some of her shimmer.

lahh-deleted-bambi-freddyo-missjaye1Huh, say what? Bambi has created her own lingo with her music, and being that she likes all things glittery, shimmer has been added to her vocab. But is shimmer really what Benzino thinks it is? No clue. But there should be a man-law violation given to him for saying it too many times!

Was Bambi only linking up with Benzino because he was thirsty? Check the video and judge for yourself:



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