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VIDEO: ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Charmaine Johnise Sends a Message for Insecure Women


Charmaine Johnise may have got her wig snatched last night on vh1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago but she definitely has no qualms about her self esteem level. As a matter of fact “in the name of great sportsmanship” during her testimonial she pulled off her wig just to show she does actually have hair and regards her wigs as accessories to compliment her naturally beautiful self.

If you have been keeping up with the Black Ink Crew Chicago franchise you will be familiar with one of the cast members named Don who at one point had a little tattoo office fling with Charmaine (at one point); and his fiance’ seems to just not be able to get over it. Clearly Charmaine has moved on and put all feelings behind her when she realized Don was willing to lie and downplay what they shared. Next!!!!  But his fiance’ seems to be worried about the wrong thing as she insists on attacking Charmaine. Last night she even enlisted the assistance of two of her “hood friends” to accompany her to a party she was uninvited to and “turn up.” How embarrassing!

Don had been avoiding going home for three days upon finding out he had a baby with one of his college side chicks. The paternity test came back 99.88888888% positive and what a cutie pie the little girl was. Don obviously knew this would not go over well with his fiance’ but I have no idea what she’s gonna do because that little girl aint going nowhere. Neither is Ashley (quiet as it’s kept). All that screaming and embarrassing herself and she will be right back at the house with Don. Who’s she kidding???

Check out what choice words Charmaine had for her in the video. Poor Ryan, what is he going to do with his off the chain crew! Gotta love em like family Ryan!  Oh and shout out to Kat Tat for being a stand up friend in light of the circumstances. Now that’s Loyalty!

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