Video: Gunplay Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Em All’ After BET Hip Hop Awards Fights


Gunplay was apart of all the foolishness that happened this past weekend in Atlanta during the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards. He did say he did not fire a gun but he did beat up a member of 50 Cent‘s entourage. Full video of interview inside.Gunplay told TMZ that he wants to “kill” everyone in the G-Unit crew. He said he “had to fight off five dudes” who he believes were members of 50 Cent’s camp. Things got so violent with G-Unit because, “I never liked them and always wanted to kick his ass … and I finally got the opportunity.”

Was 50 Cent involved? Gunplay says he was but was, “hiding behind security,” but he was trying to “break his f*ckin’ neck.” Gunplay does claim to have beat down one of 50’s entourage stating, “kicked one of their fat-asses … kicked them off in the dirt.” Cops had rushed to the scene and sprayed Gunplay with mase. Check out the video below for the rest of the call in with TMZ.


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