[VIDEO] Kanye Kicks Woman Out Of San Antonio Concert : “I’M KANYE MUTHA F’IN WEST!”


Kanye San AntonioDuring Ye’s rant over the “Runaway” song, Mr. West gave a woman close to the stage her walking papers because she kept chanting at him to remove his Maison Martin Margiela mask (he wears one at ever concert).  He stopped, pointed at her and motioned her to be taken out.

Then he said:

“Do I look like a motherfucking comedian? Don’t fucking heckle me.  I’m Kanye motherfucking West!”

Another Yeezus concert goer caught the action and posted it on instagram!  Check this out!


  1. Ya’ll be fueling these entwrtainers ego’sby the way ya’ll act. Half of you will sale your first born for a handshake. When they won’t take off a f**king mask even tho you just put 1000 dollars in his pocket off your front row seat.


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