VIDEO : Kanye West Goes HAM After Walking Into Street Pole


spl541358_027An embarrassing run-in with a street sign pushed Kanye West to the brinkFriday.  The rapper took out his frustrations on the photographers on the scene who caught the moment on film.

kanye-hit-his-head-2Footage shows Kanye walking hand-in-hand in Beverly Hills with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian before his head meets the back of a metal sign post that reads “Wrong Way.”  Kanye is seen holding his head in pain while Kim consoles him.  He appears calm at first as he walks away from the scene.  He enters a restaurant but then turns back to confront a photographer with a stream of profanity in his message to stop taking pictures.


kanye-wests-anchorman-2-set-pics23 kanye-wests-anchorman-2-set-pics243

The rapper didn’t seem camera shy earlier this week in Atlanta.

kanye-wests-anchorman-2-set-pics322That’s where he was spotted on the set of the new “Anchorman” movie, fueling reports about a possible cameo in the upcoming comedy.



  1. Kanye is having more issues since the birth of his baby is right around the corner…. I feel sorry for him and kim because some reason I don’t feel that they are going to be together, they seem so different , don’t believe they mesh well… but anyone I don’t give them being together to long… because it’s just not good for them..

  2. Kanye should be angry at Kim, we all know this was her “Brainy Ideal” to call to Paps everywhere she travels.


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