Video: Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Abusive Relationship In Recent Interview



Kelly Rowland is currently on a press tour promoting her forthcoming album, Talk A Good Game, that is slated to be released on June 18.  In recent weeks, Rowland released her much talked about single, “Dirty Laundry”, on which she shares the feelings she experienced with Beyoncé’s success post-Destiny’s Child, and details about an abusive relationship. (If you missed that, you can check it out here.)


Rowland recently did an emotional interview with Kevin Frazier from Omg! Insider where she opened up about her latest single “Dirty Laundry” and shared how her alleged abuser is currently doing, and the status of her friendship with Beyoncé. She also shared the impact that her Destiny’s Child group members had on her life during the time that she was in an abusive relationship.



Here are some highlights from Rowland’s interview:
On the current state of Rowland’s friendships with Destiny’s Child group members Beyoncé & Michelle Williams

“She is so incredibly supportive. I’m so grateful for her, for Michelle, for being incredible women in my life…”

On her abusive relationship

“It was an emotional rollercoaster. A piece of me would just go away every time he would say something.”

On her abuser

“He’s a different person now. He’s a different person now. He’s a better person now.”

On her emotional performance of “Dirty Laundry” in Washington, DC

“I bared my soul.”

You can check out the full interview with Kelly Rowland below:

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Source: Omg! Insider


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