VIDEO Kerry Rhodes And Alleged boyfriend Reality Show Preview









What is really going on with Kerry Rhodes and these new pictures of him sharing a bed with ANOTHER man!

Check it out!

Where there’s smoke there is FIRE! Everybody ain’t lying on you Kerry!

Remember Kerry Rhodes, the 8-year NFL veteran safety, denied being gay after pictures of him being close to another male hit the internet last month.

The other man in the photos was his ex-assistant, who also claims to be Rhodes’ ex-boyfriend. Even though the story died down over the past six weeks, it was revived early Sunday when World Star Hip Hop posted a video and hyped it up by saying, “Another Professional Athlete Coming Out Of The Closet”?

Now the video might just be two men sharing the same hotel room. Maybe these two men were forced to share a bed because they did not have any more rooms in the inn.

Wait one minute! This looks really SUSPECT!

The combination of this new video, the pictures, and everything the ex-assistant has said just makes Kerry Rhodes looks GAY!

Watch the video below. We suggest you pay close attention to the 6:15 mark on. After watching the video, you’ll understand exactly why Collins handled his own announcement, and why it might be in the interest of other gay athletes to follow his lead rather than be faced with a Kerry Rhodes situation.

Here is the old edit of the show… Anthony…

We also have an EXCLUSIVE coming soon. STAY TUNED

What do you think about the video and new pictures?


  1. He’s GAY! I don’t understand why he continues to deny it, it’s his perogative but just be HONEST! he even look’s gay for the love of pete and bob! just admit it, for the sake of the women who might be sleeping with you! because that’s not ok…and tell your 4 foot man stop trying to put himself out there trying to get a reality show, i see it coming; and personally i don’t want to see “hollywood” he remind’s me of a garden gnome!

  2. He’s definitely gay he looks real fruity if you even look at him good
    Enough this is how diseases get passed around . Dude stop playing and admit
    Your gay


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